Can't Bear To See This Go

I haven't posted here in over three and half years! LJ recently announced they are purging all inactive accounts and I just can't bear seeing the record of my old life going away. Such a different life of a different person--the changes are astounding.

I got divorced and moved to Seattle. I found housing and employment all on my own. Most importantly I started Jungian psychotherapy which has healed me in ways I never imagined possible. And because of that healing I am going back to school in the fall so that I can get the degrees I need to become a Jungian therapist. In two years I'm going to move to Santa Barbara to get my master's degree and there I plan to start my own private practice.

Where ambitions were once mere chimeras not to be found, I now have dreams bursting at the seams and I constantly set the bar higher and higher for myself.

If any of you LJers are still around I currently have a blog at zenmandala.blogspot.com. Stop by and say hello.
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Survey: 9-11 and the War on Terror

Isaias and I created this survey to help understand public awareness on the reported and unreported events of Septmeber 11th. Please fill it out and feel free to add any pertinent questions.

Survey: 9-11 and the War on Terror

1. Where were you on the morning of September 11, 2001?

I woke up at 6 am to exercise and saw the live video of the towers on fire.

2. What was your first reaction to what you were witnessing?

At first I thought it was a terrible accident.

3. Did you believe the reports of the mass media on that day?


4. Does your reaction/belief at the time differ from what you believe now that five years have passed?


5. Do you believe the reports of the mass media today concerning the events of 9/11?

Sometimes. It's neccessary to do some research and investigating on your own.

6. Have you read the 9/11 Commission Report?


7. Do you believe the official 9/11 Commission Report which concludes that 19 Muslims hijacked four commercial airliners and got past the nation’s strategic air defense with the aid of Usama Bin Laden?


8. What does being a Patriot mean to you?

Being a Patriot means showing love and pride for your country and the principles on which it was founded. Also, not being afraid to question those in power when those principles are disintegrating before your eyes.

9. Do you associate yourself with any political party? If so, which one?

I am registered as a Rebuplican but I don't affiliate with any one party and vote accordingly.

10. Do you believe the US government used the events of 9/11 as a pretext to go to war with Iraq?


11. Do you believe it is possible that the US government caused the events of 9/11 in order to go to war?


12. Are you aware that there is a 9/11 Truth Movement?


13. Have you heard of documentaries such as Loose Change 911, Who Killed John O’Neill, 9-11 In Plane Site and 9-11: Press For Truth?


14. If you’ve seen the above documentaries, what are you opinons of them?

I've seen them all. Loose Change is a great starting point but Who Killed John O'Neill really gets to the heart of the matter and does so in a creative and entertaining format.

15. Have you ever heard of and/or read the Patriot Act? What are you thoughts on the Patriot Act?

The Patriot Act is a clever way for the government to play on the public's fears in order to get us to give up our fundamental inalienable rights.

16. Would you give up your freedom and liberty in order to obtain personal and national security?


17. Do you believe explosives were used in the World Trade Center towers in order to bring them down? If so, who do you think planted the explosives?

Explosives definitely brought those buildings down. As for the people responsible, it's hard to say if it was all high-ranking officials, or just some or even if there were other international entities involved.

18. Do you believe Flight 93 crashed in Shanksville, PA or was it shot down by military aircraft?

It's highly likely that it was shot down.

19. Are you aware that there are witness reports of white unmarked military aircraft in the area of Shanksville, PA and the Pentagon before and after the crashes took place?


20. Are you aware that no video has ever been released of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon?

I am painfully aware.

21. Do you think the collapse of World Trade Center Tower 7 at 5:20 PM on 9-11 was the result of internal fire or controlled demolition?

Controlled demolition.

22. Do you believe the war on terror is justified or unjustified. Please explain your answer.

I think the term "war on terror" is a misnomer and is ironic given that it is the government itself that is creating terror in the hearts and minds of the US citizens. The war(s) our government is currently engaged in, especially the war in Iraq, is terribly unjustifed. We were obviously lied to and no one is making the president and his cohorts culpable for their actions.

The Tip Of The Tongue, The Teeth, The Lips

After a long discussion with greenwoolf the other day, I started thinking about something that I could do for me and only me. I sat down to play some piano and was singing Se (an awesome song in Italian, recorded by Josh Groban) and I realized that I miss singing in a choir. It's one of my favorite things to do and it's been over a decade since I've done so...sooooo, that became my mission!

I did some research online and found three choirs: the Desert Chorale which you need to audition for, a women's chorus that's a class through the Vegas Adult Continuing Education program, and the Red Mountain Choir which is free and requires no auditon. I emailed the director of Desert Chorale and she said I could set up an audition at the first of September. I would really *love* to audition but I don't know where they rehearse and I don't know what the membership fee will be. So, I think I'm going to go with the Red Mountain Choir because they rehearse in Boulder City, just five minutes from work. So I had made up my mind that I was going to join (Fall season rehearsals start August 23) and I told one of my girls that I was joining and she said "Me too!" So now, I will know somebody there! In fact, I told Jilly that I would drive her to rehearsals and take her home afterwards and then her folks wouldn't have to do it. So we're really excited! I love all my girls at work but there are a few that are really near and dear to my heart and Jilly is one of them, so I'm glad that we'll be able to do something like this together. I'm going to miss the first rehearsal because I'll be in Seattle but the director said that won't be a problem. So woo hoo! I'm going to be singing AND performing again! I can't fucking wait!!!!!

The Decree Is In

Today, Jay picked up our Decree of Divorce. It's stamped July 26, so I was divorced for two days and didn't know it. I'm officially an ex-wife with an ex-husband. Weird. Usually those labels have negative connotations but I'm glad Jay and I are getting on as well as we do. Here's to our futures :)


A few days ago greenwoolf posted some SNL skits he found at You Tube. Of course, it reminded me of my favorite SNL moment where Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan and Tracy Morgan sing "I Wish It Was Christmas Today". I fucking love that song! But alas, I can't locate it on You Tube. It just has to be there. If anyone would like to help me in my search it would be most appreciated :)


greenwoolf wants me to do this :)

A Favorite's Meme

1) Three of my favorite books are:
-Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey
-American Gods by Neil Gaiman
-The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

2) One thing I enjoy about my current employment is:
- Working with my girls--they crack me up :)

3) One thing I hate about my current employment is:
- Dealing with crabby ass customers.

4) Three of my favorite movies are:
- Secretary
- Goodfellas
- Hedwig and the Angry Inch

5) Three of my favorite actors/actresses are:
- Peter Sarsgaard
- Maggie Gyllenhaal
- John Corbett

6) Two of my favorite things to do at home after work are:
- Surf the web
- Talk on the phone

7) When the weather is nice, eat inside or dine al fresco?
- Al fresco as long as the bugs are under control.

8) Would you prefer a huge house or a large property around a house?
- Huge house (with huge piano =} )

9)If you get flagged, post this in your journal with your own answers. Then flag three of your friends.

Okay, I tag ivory_butterfly, michaelman333 and mai_ling.